Where abouts can I buy the front indicator harness converters Got new...

Where abouts can I buy the front indicator harness converters? Got new indicators and thought they were just plug and play lol

  • Handy to have spare around.

  • Thanks Aaron, bought 2 of them, hoping that'll do lol

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  • The one I linked is a multipack. If you bough 2x packs, You'll have enough for 5 pairs of indicators.

    The one you linked is female only and your indicators have a funny small male plug which won't fit right into it.

  • Yeah I bought 2 packs lol it will do for whenever I buy a tail tidy and use the other indicators with them

  • And the plate light and the next sets of indicators you buy, it's all good.

  • Yeah lol thanks Aaron for your help again :)

  • Just cut the wires, join them together, solder or crimp, ignore the fronts stripe wire , its just the running lamp wire, did mine tonight..

  • ^also works perfectly well. Only thing for me was I tried lots of front indicators and finally settled on the 4th set, got bored of soldering. Now I have these to allow me to fit the LED mirrors too.