• Where all the grom riders in the IE would like to set something up for a cool...

    Where all the grom riders in the IE would like to set something up for a cool ride in a group lmk if you down

    • What's the advantage or disadvantage of the extended swing arm?

    • Only disadvantage is loss of power on the top end, advantage turn heads like you wouldn't believe hahaha

    • Neeeeds more lower ;)

    • I know I want to go low hahaha

    • What size lowering kit did you get for the rear?

    • 6.5 had to do aftermarket YSS shock tho to stiffen up rearend cause im 6'2" 210 lol bottom out issues

    • Oh ok that's the lowering kit I want and I'm probably going to have to get a shock too

    • Yes i would its gonna be to soft depends of your keeping front end stock or not to i did the ruckus conversion forks

    • That's my plan to but idk how much was it if you don't mind me asking

    • All together the 6.5in drop in rear was about 75.00 the shock was around 200 and the coversion for the front was around 200 or 300 cant remember exactly cause u have to do a brake caliper adapter and conversion to the left hand side .

    • Oh ok cool thanks for the info tho been thinking about doing it but not sure on how much it would run

    • Yep np man and i get so many compliments everywhere i go i have people walk past all the other bikes and come look at it even the police love it lol

    • Hahaha wow nice

    • Haha he said he wants one but he said hes to big lol

    • Hahaha right

    • And more chain to clean lol :)