• Where can I find this at I want to do this to my grom

    Where can I find this at I want to do this to my grom

    • Has anyone in the UK got one I would love to see it

    • I like this one.

    • Yep a guy down Cornwall way has complete kit !!

      Looks trick but rest of his bike is stock lol

    • LOLOLOL someone would do this and then get out dragged by a 1.2 corsa.. stupid af

    • Not always about speed some like to pose and be different, who is to say theres not a bbk under there!

    • Even with a bbk they are still super slow though. I get aesthetic mods, theyre fine but to make it look like something it is FAR from is just being a ricer.

    • Gogrom.com has some. Here in the states.

    • It's an expensive bit of kit to

    • But if theres a few of ya out playing on the same bikes its great for the city Gran Prix.

    • Touché.

    • Luke Wilson like I outraged you on my 125 Grom when your in a 2litre Volvo. (To 50mph)

    • John Kinchella Yeah when tc cut in and meant i went nowhere for the 1st 3 seconds...

    • All the parts in Tyga website

    • Jake Alex Griffin youneedonebro

    • Another

    • That's really retro! I like it

    • Tygaperformance.com

    • Another concept by petex