• Where can I get headlight bulb

    Where can I get headlight bulb ???

    • Halfords, eBay, petrol garage... Lol

    • A Honda dealer? Bike bandit? Babbits....

    • Thanks

    • This is what I run :) Halfords Special :P

    • Thank you will pop and grab one as that's easier

    • Its soo much brighter than stock it's crazy!

    • Jonathan Shields well has my msx stolen but got it back with no headlight and they took a saw to the rear sub frame :(

      Have all part except bulb so at least now I can get it out back together

    • Sorry to hear that :( Keep working on it, and get parts like that and what people recommend, and it'll be better then ever! :)

    • Got her back that's the main thing :)