Which has a nice rear end

Which has a nice rear end

Honda forza

Kawasaki j125

Yamaha X-max 125

  • X max

  • J125

  • Have to agree with the X max

  • Xmax- better clocks too

  • ...and mirrors! Haha

  • They are a good looking scooter

  • I was going to get one but my local Yamaha dealership couldn't get any new stock. So ended up waiting for Forza 125 to launch. Which I have been very happy with.

  • same here victor i was was wondering at the time last summer what second scooter to get this my choice 1 x max 2, pcx 3 SH125i , then all sudden i read a review of the forza the i decided to get that as it looked nice and glad i did get the forza as it is better that my PCX scooter , Nice to ride and comfort

  • Kwacker

  • X max. .

  • I'm really, really sorry but I read somewhere that the Kawasaki is actually a rebadged Sym... Which is such a shame because I would love to see what a Kawasaki Ninja Sports Scooter would look like!

  • Or it may be rebadged Kymco...

  • It is rebadge victor as you say it is a sym or a kymco