Which is the BEST version of the Honda Shadow for seriously short riders


Which is the BEST version of the Honda Shadow for seriously short riders? I am 4'11" barefoot, and can only flatfoot both sides of my Rebel with boots with heels. I am very interested in getting a Shadow someday. I live in Northern NY State.

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  • I have a 2001 1100 it's only 27 inches from ground to the seat


  • Which are the easiest to lower..?

  • Injection then carb and easy to lower.

  • Buy a yamaha vstar....i had to get rid of shadow as they are too tall

  • What Yamaha star ? Info please? Suzanne Hicks

  • I thought my shadow was to high as I was on my toes when I baught it..

    But honestly over time I became flat footed!

    I think it was from simply becoming more confident & relax on my ride??

    Sounds odd I know but something to consider....

  • Yamaha vstar 1100 iam flat footed and only 5ft 2. Found the yamaha cornered better than my shadow and had a better centre of gravity. Gf has a shadow aero and she finds it top heavy so she bought a victory

  • I think I know what you mean.

  • BY 750 C2 SPIRIT seat hight 25"" stock.

  • I have a Honda shadow 600 vlx .. I'm 5' it's seat height 25.6 " ,,, I barely sit flat footed just barely....

  • 5'2 on a good day and have a 750 spirit, I did A LOT of research before getting it because I was afraid of seat height and weight amd found you can lower it almost 2" with a kit but after I got it I realized I didn't needed to lower it, I LOVEEE my baby and I can flat footer easily just practice a lot at your own time, it will give you confidence and you will feel more comfortable with the one you choose

  • Trick for short legs - get the front horn area of your seat shaved down along the sides. It narrows the seat, lets you ride a bit further forward and gives you an extra 1-3 inches reach to the ground!

  • Yamaha i found seat so low i can now touch flat footed

    Honda i was always tippy toe and i kept falling over

  • 750 Spirit with the 2.5" lowering kit from scootworks. I'm also modifying my seat right now. I'm also 4'11"

  • Did lowering it make , turning , cornering , anything to do any different? Do you drag anywhere ?

  • Nice.