Which stock needle goes in the front and which in the rear. A1UF and A1UE


Which stock needle goes in the front and which in the rear... A1UF and A1UE?

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  • Manual says they go a certain way but i noticed no difference and mine where wrong

  • I think there is like a 0.2mm difference but hey we shall see, stocks are in and all shimmed up. Let's hope she is better than yesterday

  • Where diaphragms easy to put in? Also slide the slide up on both with your finger and video it

  • Yea diaphragms went in real nice and the slides are good too. The front being slower as I blocked the air flow hole. Took her for a spin and she is running twice as good as than with the 180 jets. I think I can go a little richer but for now I can't be bothered to take the carbs off again. I'm running the A1UF needle in the front with 2 shims totalling 1mm and the A1UE with 3 shims totally around 1.5mm and pilot screws are front 2 1/8 and rear 2 3/8.

  • sounds about right to me, front lifting?

  • On clutch or just throttle? Not on the throttle but it certainly is feeling stronger and the front is feeling lighter when I rip her open

  • happy days, i dno how the shim on shock affects it as the rears higher now

  • You raise a very smart point. More weight biased to the front end