Which tachometer have people had good success with

Which tachometer have people had good success with?

  • Trail Tech Cajunmaddogs.com free shipping

  • None, stay with the flow of traffic. 50cc or 100cc scooters don't need a speedo. WOT is your speedometer on a 50cc and hoping you don't get hit by some asshole driver. Haha

  • I use my cellphone.

  • motometers was 10$ on amazon. just dont power wash it dorectly

  • You guys do know a tachometer is for measuring rpms right? Lmao.

  • Yeah seems some people are getting it confused lol.

  • waterproof just cant take direct spray with pressure washer

  • Tachometer isnt a speedo. I use ulysses app for speedo

  • Yeah I realized that now. But what really is the point in a tach? I've seen people use them to show hours of ride time but if you have mileage it's pointless. Never seen an rpm gauge on a chuckus only on plastic scooters.

  • If your tuning your cvt its easier than going by sound. There is a prime rpm range that generates the most power and im trying to find it since im changing clutch, compression springs and slider weights with an 80cc big bore kit. Im clueless so its gonna cost me a bunch in trial and error but a tach cuts out the guesswork.

  • Cool, how is it hooked up to the bike? Wrapped around the coil wire near the boot? Ive heard they hook up to the coil

  • Or you ride it and trial and error. Tuning your cvt isn't going to change engine rpm just what rpm everything opens at... as far as motor rpm you change air fuel mixture screw on your carb until right before the scooter moves under its own weight.

  • Then ride it. If you want more acceleration go lighter weights or speed go heavy weights...

  • wraps around its loose af in the pic tho haha

  • think u might be able to wire to the coil but it works just wrapping it

  • Lmao

  • I Personally use a trail tech ^ ..IMO.. I use mine because I like to make sure I'm not hitting to high of rpm when riding in some areas where I live. I see it as beneficial. Grab a trail tech and call it a day.

  • Dude your talking about the idle screw if your bikes moving under its own weight. And yes tuning my cvt made it shift at lower rpm so therefor i want to tune it to shift at a higher rpm. Not sure what you dont understand but i know what i want and what i need to do so im just gona go ahead and do that. Thanks anyways though donny

  • Grab a trail tech .. Its what I have and useful for seeing where your rpm range stays in.. A tach is extremely useful imo

  • If you want it to shift at a higher rpm then you need higher rpm clutch springs, contra spring and variator weights. Again motor rpm has nothing to do with the cvt tuning...

  • It's called common sense. Funny out of thousands of people on this page next to no one if anyone has put an rpm gauge on their scooter to tune it...

  • He wants to know what his fucking RPMs are... Its that simple.. Jesus christ man.

  • If it was a thing there would be a write up on chuckuslife.com but there isn't to my knowledge unless it was just added real recently.

  • Dude clutch springs only change what rpm the clutch grabs at... so your wrong. And clearly within 12 hrs there have been at least 6 people with reccomendations on what they use for tachometer. You thought it was a speedo... im doing this for research, not to argue about something so arbitrary since you have no idea what im trying to accomplish. Again, thanks for the input, but please digress....