Who all has done the foreman jug an piston swap Pros cons If you have is it...

Who all has done the foreman jug an piston swap? Pros,cons? If you have is it worth it? Are you running a optimizer or anything to compensate? Rancher started smokin this weekend.

  • Worth the swap if you have to buy a new jug

  • Thanks man, I'm leaning heavily towards it. Just don't wanna do it with out some solid research an questioning. I swamped mine a few months ago, never got any water in the oil but I still flushed it. An within the last weekend it's started smoking at higher rpms. Looking around on forums going rate for all the parts seems to be around 380 ish? What's the best place to buy them from?

  • I ordered mine from servicehonda.com. what year model 420

  • 2013

  • Ok your good then. its definitely worth the swap if you was planning on buying a new jug. Otherwise I'd just bore the stock jug one size up.

  • Are you running a tuner or anything?

  • I ran it with and without. But I had a 08 420 and had over heating issues cause I didn't realize that in 2009 they changed the head on the 420's so my bike was only getting about 50% of coolant.

  • Cool bro I appreciate it. I'm gonna start ordering all the stuff. Did you notice an increase in power with and without the tuner?

  • Not really. Its worth having though.

  • Hell can't hurt. Lol