• Who can figure out what I ve done wrong

    Who can figure out what I've done wrong

    • Easier fix is to get a handle bar mounted on and off switch and a in line fuse wire straight to battery and have switch on handlebars

    • Your headlight will be a do not an ac you can wire it straight into that although when using main beam it may not work

    • Take a feed from the taillight, or the brake light switch live feed. Or get one of those piggyback fuses and go direct from the fusebox.

    • Will be a dc*

    • The halo I'm still working on but the actual light is wired in here somewhere into this which has a little switch on the handlebar with the horn

    • Wire directly into the the headlight wire

    • And Steve Mitchell yer they are on the wrong way round but yep led looks like 9 led's are in there if I can count today lol

    • Bought an MSX....Big mistake!! :-p

    • I know on my first one before it got stolen I spent about £500 but I only had it for like 7 months and this one so far I've probably spent about the same but I haven't even brought an exhaust yet lol I so need to win the lottery lol