Who else has been making the most of the sunshine


Who else has been making the most of the sunshine?

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  • 3 in the morning last night cause it's been raining this whole week

  • Do you like the mmthbx or whatever exhaust? I think it looks sick but have heard its ridiculously loud

  • I absolutely love it. But it is insanely loud. It's too loud for most

  • Cannot wait for mine!!!

  • On the way back from work at least

  • Jack... Is your bike alive? What happened to it after your crash? Last I remember you were not sure u were getting it back!

  • Is that a normal sized msx?! I'm not sure with the angle.. It looks tall as fuck?!

  • Fay Logan

  • YAP standard :D

  • Haha yeah... First pic is deceiving!!! Haha :)

  • What is the red bike? Is it Honda too? On the main post pic.

  • Honda CB500F

  • Aww too big engine for me..