Who else is putting some miles on this year. Anyone up for a VA WV run sometime

Who else is putting some miles on this year? Anyone up for a VA, WV run sometime? Generally I do 600 miles on any given weekend so I'm down for some bike camping too.

  • wow!!! Very nice!

  • I basically know some roads out in WV with no cell service, no heavy traffic, and it has more curves then the dragon. Rocky as crap out there so you need a good sleeping pad.

  • 600mi per weekend? seat must be comfortable.

  • Mustang all the way.. but i have 4 bikes to choose from and put a lot if miles of my bmw. Panners are huge on it

  • i have almost 40k on my stock seat. maybe its time to try one of those mustangs out, ha

  • Mustang seats move me forward too much, at 6'3" I need all the room I can get on my 750. 35k on the stock seat, but still looking for something different.

  • I'm 6'3" :) I ride pretty pretty aggressively though and am used to touring positions so maybe I am used to the forward and fast style

  • I just love the look of your bike!

  • FYI I just posed it on craigslist for the low price of $5200.. wife says I have to thin the herd of 4 bikes if I want to buy a new KTM Adventurer.

  • LOL! I love the looks of your bike, but I can only ride one bike at time!