Who else treats their ladies to gold. 14 40 tooth 428 DID chain. Mmmmm

Who else treats their ladies to gold? 14/40 tooth, 428 DID chain. Mmmmm

  • What brand sprockets?

  • JT

  • Do you have part numbers? only can find the 420 on there site

  • JTR269

  • Thanks, and front? I know pain in the a..

  • Can't remember I'm afraid! If you google it the Gromlins forum should have it

  • Now she needs a bath

  • Thanks

  • Planning on it but we're not quite that far in our relationship yet.

  • im on 14/36 428 gold, how is the 40t rear? whats ur cruising speed as mines happy at 45-50ish but anymore is pushing the engine a bit to hard

  • U better believe it :D

  • Haven't had it up to the redline yet. But I'd think 50ish it would probably be okay. Might top out at 55 or so. Will test it soon and let you know!

  • How much did you get the slidders for?

  • They were about $50 from Dark Knight Street. Price may have changed since though.

  • Lmao! Preach!

  • Little dirty but a little gold bling. 520 chain.