Who fancys a little competition I have downloaded a db meter for free on my...

Who fancys a little competition. I have downloaded a db meter for free on my samsung galaxy s3 I reckon we should make some rules e.g phone placed 4m away in open area and rev bike to 4000rpm and see who has the loudest storm. What do you all think ill post a link to the app if you want.

  • Haha you would be pig sick wouldnt ya lol I got a set of stubbys in the garage if I get chance later I might fit them and see what they are like they were actually to loud to ride with all the time.

  • I've taken mine off reluctantly until I can get the fuelling sorted out, was off the chart lean wise on a recent dyno, sounded and felt bloody great tho, could feel it through the shop counter

  • Haha I took my bike to pro tyre sat in the waiting room and the fitter rode it into the workshop (like a wear house tin roof and walls massively high ceiling) he revved the nuts of it when he came into the waitong room he asked if it was mine and said its was one of the best and loudest sounding bike they ever had in there lol nassive grin after that! !!

  • Ok, tried the sound meter app, sat a 73db at tick over, got my little helper to rev it 5k meter didn't move, think I've killed the Mic on the phone :-) to hot to carry on so we gave up to nurse our bleeding ears.

  • Bloody hell mate ive just been doing mine at the same time lol. 4m from rear of bike 74db tick over didnt get a reading for 5k tho need a second pair of hands I think

  • Took a video but can’t attach it to this tread, only photos :-(

  • Booooo what exhaust have you got

  • Currently have a set of Quills, with the baffles out, but that’s all going the change in the next week, will post when fitted plus the new belly pan when painted :-)

  • I used to have quills but fixed baffels they sucked lol

  • BTW, had to stop the DB experiment, one to hot, two we could see the neighbours coming down the street with their pitch forks, three the db thingy didn't, I’m sure they love us really :-)