Who has 10 ape hangers and how do they look

Who has 10" ape hangers and how do they look?

  • Thanks they are looking good so far, just waiting on my new cables to come in as the old ones were beat and kinda short but hopefully get it back on the road by next Month

  • Got my bars and risers from jpcycles. You might have to drill the holes in the triple tree for the riser bolts to fit unless you find risers with 12mm bolts. My risers came with 1/2 inch bolts. There is an adapter bolt kit you can buy.

  • For those who got it from eBay or Amazon can u post links plz :)

  • How do they feel on your shoulders, those of you who have them? I have a mild shoulder injury from a few years back which aches under prolonged strain. I'm fine to do 500 miles in a day on the stock bars though

  • Todd Van your Shadow is absolutely beautiful

  • Thanks for the compliment. My shoulders feel a lot better with the bars a little higher.

  • Jesse Skaggs was it simple to use the stock risers?

  • Oh yeah I turned mine around though

  • I have a 99 1100 with tilted back risers

  • Hay josh, are this clamps rubber mounted?