• Who has a banana smile today me I have decided to buy the 2014 crosstourer...

    Who has a banana smile today? me , I have decided to buy the 2014 crosstourer,,should get her next week as the owner is going to give her a full 24000km service at Honda's in Toulon, before he hands her over to me!! I cant wait now to get her and have a close relationship ;-)) and try and master the DCT!

    • DCT you master with time. First plain drive mode to get used to the bike and then you start playing. :)

    • Ce n'est pas la selle d'origine ? Félicitations quand même

    • No a Bagster lowerd by at least 20/30mm and the suspension also so I can get both feet well planted

    • Don't blip the throttle!!!

    • Good luck and drive safe , you're going to enjoy it

    • U will love the dct

    • Thanks guys for the comments

    • Congrats

    • Congrats, good choice!

    • Pourquoi ? l'ancien était mort et de quelle année ?

    • I owned a 2013 model for 3 years, and liked it so much that I swapped it at xmas time for a new 2015 model

    • Old.....

    • ........New

    • Felicidades, El DCT es superdivertido

    • Rob le premier ressemble a un modèle 2015