Who has a FL 350 or Pilot FL400 for sale

Who has a FL 350 or Pilot FL400 for sale?

  • Guy down tje road from me has a fl350 with a 600cc pv arctic cat motor...2800. Checked it out last night. Very nice machine did a good job on motor swap...probably couldnuse some gussett for dunes

  • Im in Massachusetts. So unwld have to freight

  • I have one,Palm desert CA

  • 1985 FL350r both dirt an sand tires,tags and title in my name,in my hand $3500

  • More pics & Price?

  • Oh, ok. I'll keep you in mind.

  • Have you looked on your local Craigslist. There's a bunch of fl350s and a few Pilots out in my general area (Southern California)

  • Any pics??

  • I looked, didn't see any. Do you have any links?

  • The one in the picture is from the Tulane area. I think that's in your general area. I was unable to find and fl400 Pilots in your area or mine. I did see 8 or 9 fl350's in my area and in the LA and Orange County areas ranging in price from $1700-$3500. One person has a nice pair of fl350's for $3000 each

  • I one was on ebay just sold for 1900. Crazy deal. Yes, more down south.

  • My so. Just picked an fl350 for $800 but it needs a full restore. We have or have restored 7 fl250's so this fl350 will be something new. Finding a nice turnkey fl350 for under $2000 is pretty rare. Good luck. I hope you find something. The fl250's are addicting so the fl350's have to be that much better.

  • That's sweet!!!! Thax!! Yes, they are!! I always wanted one since they came out!!

  • Algien tendra un piston para un 400

  • How much you looking to spend? :)

  • Fast as shit...just drove it...brakes work good steering isntight

  • Missong the shifter and cables.

  • Well cared for. Yesnit has a gas cap. Stored indoors.

  • Looks like he did a good job motor swap. Not too beat up!!

  • Muy bonito

  • Sweet!! But hard to ship that far!!