Who has a high mileage MSX GROM


Who has a high-mileage MSX/GROM ?

High-mileage riders have the best experience to tell the rest of us what to expect. Any parts failures?

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  • Would like to know this too. Done 8k miles in 5 months

  • Crank bearings at 20k

  • expensive ?

  • In a dealership yes very someone like ben harmen may be a decent amount cheaper

  • 64 plate just shy of 20k with no problems, the most major thing I've had to worry about it engine bolts coming loose because my exhaust vibrates more than the stock exhaust and punctured tyres

  • Old grom 16k no issues

    New sf 700 mile plenty of issues

  • I'm at 3k on my SF... No issues

  • I've had trouble taking out of steering lock but just needed greasing but no issues on my sf apart from that and done over 1200 miles

  • 24k no problems and have a 143 on it

  • 1.7k miles crankcase breather was blocked and water in with oil as someone referred to on here the dipstick was "jizz stick"

  • Sean Collins if It was still factory spec I wouldn't have had as many issues

    Only issue as a stock bike was 2 bolts coming loose

    But I've got the bike set up perfect now at 800miles

  • Mine isn't factory spec either... But been fine all the time

  • Majority of problems where easily fixed, longer clutch cable ect

  • Agree... heard a lot of probs on sf... this is mine @1200+ miles....

  • Grom Zilla doesn't look good that will be taking in air

  • As mentioned the crank bearings tend to go at around 15-20k miles.

  • If the crank blows at 15 k you are doing something wrong lol jacks went because the bike oil starved Steve's is the only one I have seen that failed just thorough use and that was past 25k

  • Tudor Toma So the stock crank can last past 20k as long as it's constantly oil fed and revs kept below redline.

  • Would a forged crank be pointless on a stock motor?

  • There haven't been enough bikes getting past the 25k mark to tell yet we will see in the future - crank is a clear weak point with tuning however - standard forged crank if the engine is fine yeah why would you bother splitting the case to fit one if the engine is fine lol jacks bikes got one in and that's still a 125 so it will probably last a lot longer there only thing is the finbro isn't a straight fit on stock you have to cut the gudgeon pin down because it's made for bigger pistons

  • Plus a new crank is a massive job and not that many people could do it at home

  • Ezra Pompey I think jack Dempsey had one but he had to do some stuff to make it fit...