Who here is running cobra drag pipes or any straight pipes in general What...

Who here is running cobra drag pipes or any straight pipes in general? What carb jet kit did you go with. Looking too do a carb rebuild and want to put a proper jet kit in it. I bought the bike with the pipes on it and not sure what or if there was a jet kit put in it. Runs a little rich

  • I'm running stock (straight) pipes w/out baffles & a K&N on a 98 VT1100C. I used the .85 from Dynajet. That's what was recommended on paper with the kit and verified via a phone call to Dynajet.

  • This guy sales a jet kit with an innovative air/fuel screw & assortment of jets.


  • I am running Cobra 2" drag pipes. Dynajet makes jets to be sold w/ the Cobra pipes. Instructions inform you how to install and even gives you a/f mixture settings. Works perfect on my '95 VT1100C.

  • Mine has them It came already done but mine is 2001 1carb and it runs fine sounds great! Love my Bike

  • If it is running rich you don't need to jet it .

  • Tj brutals sell everything you need to jet your carb my man

  • Nice ride mate

    How does it feel with the solid bars on the back instead of the springs

    Thinking of doing it to mine

  • Just installed mine last night

    Still a very comfortable ride but may need to take more care going over humps and bumps haha sorry for the bad photo

  • Cool

    Was thinking I might have to put the shocks back on when I take my missus for a ride though

  • Did you flip your risers.....

    It was you I was talking to the other day about it ?

  • Yeah its as simple as swapping them over so no stress at all

    Yeah i actually did, but for some reason the risers are a tad loose and i cant tighten them anymore.. haha might need to start over check if everythings in place correctly

  • Yeah I'd be doin some rechecking....you want those things tight

  • Cobra jet kit and Dynajet are the same kit, just rebranded. The kit comes with everything you need including 4 different jet sizes for various levels of exhaust.