• Who here runs progressive springs up front. Yay or nay

    Who here runs progressive springs up front? Yay or nay?

    Sean Ridgway John Miller Wooly Booger

    • I run them, not a holy cow big difference but definitely noticed smoother landings from jumps

    • Definitely better then stock, an all around better spring without a doubt. Nice in the trails as well, they absorb the dips very well

    • $100

    • Yea no doubt... I've been tinkering with mine trying to do different things to make it better. All in the mind of trying to keep it as stock looking as possible but when it comes to jumping thats may change ... got a pretty cool setup for a buds 350X that we're gonna try on his but I'm not releasing that info. Its not new, others have done it but its alot of work

    • I run them. You can tell a little differance

    • I have a works rear shock on my X , I don't ride enough to even tell you how it works

    • More oil combined with 20wt fork oil makes a huge difference.

    • Can y'all expound on this more please? Sean Ridgway I have a friend whom I respect a lot and suggests I just rebuild my forks first. But I would really enjoy the "softer ride on bumps and rocky roads and trails and logs and what not. I've never jumped things before so I'm not going to notice a difference. I just bought every internal part available from hondapartshouse.com that is available because I'm the kind of guy that wants to try and do things once and right the first time. Josh Cornell what do you mean about different weights? I've heard differences about weights and ATF? Doesn't it call for ATF originally? And it would be expensive to upgrade this but is the gold valve that big of a deal if you know what I'm talking about? From this.

      http://atvondemand.com/news/?p =8053

    • I'm sure the reworked forks with the valve would be absolutely amazing but for me it would be to expensive on my trike that will rarely see the motocross track. I do ride my track with it every so often but I'd rather ride my trx250r on the track. I myself just couldn't justify having it done for what I intend to use my bike for.

      The manual does specify you can use atf which is around 10wt I believe. You can get 15wt and 20wt as well like I went with because I'm a bigger guy, 225. It calls for 9.6 oz I believe but you can add more or put in less to get the desired ride. I put in 10.5 oz of 20wt. It rides really nice and can still handle g outs fairly well for a 25 year old conventional fork.

      In the end it's all about what you intend to do with your bike. The route I went works good for what I'm going to use it for, aggressive trail riding.