• who is going to Brighton burn up tomorrow

    who is going to Brighton burn up tomorrow ??

    • Obviously!! You coming?

    • Yeah mate I'm meeting up with a few lads in Burgess hill then getting down Brighton for around 10:30

    • Good lad. I'll be down around then I reckon

    • Here's my number give me a tat when you get there mate 07437 012118

    • Will do mate

    • Weather depending il b there

    • Dry and sunny all day

    • Wicked then yeah il b there

      Probs leave pompey area around 9ish

    • Sweet. Think most of us getting there around 10.30/11 no idea where we gonna park tho haha

    • Thats wat sorta time il get there if i leave at 9

      N nt a clue lol just put a post up 2 meet some where just off the sea front n go 4 local ride after or some thing?

    • Think that's the plan. Check out the bikes/stalls then go for a hoon... Which is why i wanted to fit my wheelie bar.. But won't fit with my tail tidy

    • Aww that sucks man

      But yeah sounds like a plan 2 me