• Who s running a tail tidy then Had any troubles with the UK law enforcement...

    Who's running a tail tidy then? Had any troubles with the UK law enforcement because of it?

    • 1) yes 2) never known that to be an issue

    • Get a r and g tail tidy mine came standered with it

    • Evotech here. No issues

    • Not because of tail tidys. But only a small plate

    • That's a r and g tail tidy bud their more likely to pull me for L plate hahaha!

    • Brilliant placement! Just the axle adjuster holding it on?

    • Thanks guys. Was a tad concerned because my tail tidy (pictured) puts the plate at about 45*. All clearly readable though. Will find out if I get stopped!

    • Hahaah it snapped so only thing could think of was but L plate down there just used screwdriver to make small hole on L plate then then just screwed and extra nut on it on chain tensioner bit

    • is your bike jacked up Connor

    • Fuk the law

    • Yea mate

    • Yea mate