• Who s running what tyres what are my options

    Who's running what tyres,what are my options?

    • Not worth the miles on the vees, buy some power pures worth every penny!

    • Or donate your rears to me for rolling burnouts

    • Mitchlen city grip winters. perfect for uk weather lol

    • Diablos

    • ContiMove365.. All round weather brilliant.. In the dry extremely good doesn't let go at all

    • City Grip Winters.

    • Power pures

    • Bridgestone ml50's are great

    • power pures for me

    • Interesting thread pattern, very car ish

    • Power Pure for most of the year, City Grip Winters for the... err... Winter.

    • city grip winters are the same more or less. car tech goes into them too.

    • City Grips from mytyre.com worked out around £32 each