Who s up for a 2 day ride into Wales


Who's up for a 2 day ride into Wales?

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  • i know the best road in wales if you want to know it ;)

  • I recon it would be about the same distance from mine to Wales maybe a little less, when you thinking of doing it?

  • why dont we do horse shoe pass ponderossa cafe

  • Brecon Beacons is nice

  • its not all like that ;)

  • A4069 is the best road ive ever been on

  • There's a reason why Top Gear use(d) it. Also why my dad would take me up in the car most weekends for a spin when I was a young'n.

  • I know, this is heavily photoshopped but it's still nice

  • I might be interested in this! Just need dates ahead so I can figure out shifts at work

  • This is what I used to do most weekends in Wales as it's on my back door step and I would be out on my 350 lc on the weekends I wasn't road rallying, all the way up to my first fireblade and so many other bikes too many to mention... lol welcome to my world please come a play I would be there... Aberystwyth is my favourite place for chips sandwich and ride out

  • I'm game

  • Have a safe trip! I would love to go with but that big ocean is stopping me.