Who was it selling this on here


Who was it selling this on here

Oops side view

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  • I saw one on ebay like this have a look on there

  • It was on here being up for sale

    Not sure who it was

  • This cheap How about this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/301917214291

  • 14 for £2100

    Oh no

  • £1900 430 miles

  • Yeah

    That's someone's on here

  • Long way away from me tho

  • Dave Demz

    How's your bike? Getting repaired is it or total loss

  • Total loss i recon and so does afew other people

  • What ya gunna do? Buy another

  • Frames bent

  • Lee Cairns yeah get a new one if i get the full money

  • New or old shape

    Will be out soon (maybe)

  • Yeah i dont like that new shape so ill probley get the same one mate

  • You defo getting another msx then?

  • Not sure

    Like to go large really

  • You duno what you want do ya

  • When your loaded you have more to choose from if your poor like me you just have to make do with what you got

  • I ain't loaded far from it

    But you will be when insurance pays out