• It appears your air box may have a surprise in there for you...

  • Cheers shawn

  • Whered u get the clear casing????

  • Ben Harman

  • Takegawauk.co.uk

  • Do we get discount on there?

  • Discount code - MSXOC

  • Happy days then is it much?

  • 10% discount. Ben doesn't earn much on the OTB stuff so we are lucky we get a discount at all with it

  • Fair enough

    Coyple little bits n bobs wouldnt mind getting at some point

  • Thanks Jack and Ian

  • Exciting

  • Jack Mirrors,Top Clamps and 4v Cam Covers

  • Oooooooo

  • Ben when will u get more stock of the cam covers in?

  • Early next week I'm hoping

  • He literally just said next week lol

  • Oops my bad didnt c that comment haha

  • Any pictures of cam covers ?

  • The original post

  • A lot of oil came out... Like 60 ml

  • Martin Lloyd

  • Martin they don't fit with the 4V head mate only recently they have made ones that fit but don't know if Ben is getting them in or not

  • Tudor Toma Yep

  • After some tappet covers really not keep on Crome ones !

  • Martin Lloyd Get them anodised ??

  • Ben Harman yes was thinking this ! Another winter job after it comes back from you

  • Ben Harman do you think the 4v cam covers will be the same price as the 2v

  • James not sure yet will find out next week when they arrive

  • Tempted you got the black and chrome coming

  • Think just black

    I'll post some pics once I have one fitted ✌

  • Haha oil cooler in wrong location haha

  • It's in the right location....

  • Hmm well mine is on the top like a lot of other people who did there oil coolers or maybe it's just because it's the takegawa oil cooler


  • Cause it's the takagawa one

  • Removes the air box if it's mounted up heigh

  • Haha Andrew