• Whose got Brembo brake calipers fitted Which brake lines did you use with them...

    Whose got Brembo brake calipers fitted? Which brake lines did you use with them please.

    • We do a kit with calipers brackets and lines. The lines are custom

    • Do you sell the lines separately.

    • What's Brembo I got Takegawa lines available

    • How much in black Ben?

    • Yes can do 69 a set

    • £65 Posted

    • Rear also £65 posted

    • Wezmoto lines for a stock bike, works well.

    • This is mine

    • And

    • You will need a pair of metric fine m10x1.00 (Nissin uses m10x1.25) banjo bolts whatever line you get.

    • I've got bolts but thank you Aaron

    • I also used trimmed-shorter triumph street triple oem stainless flanged caliper bolts, low head stainless bolts for the halves to match oem, and some m10x1.00 stainless bleed nipples.

      Your lines look fine though, what's he problem?

    • No that's how mine will be fitted. I just have calipers brackets and bolts. Just need the lines

    • Oic, then just get some wezmoto lines. Good value and quality, and fit just fine.

    • Typically my rear calipers is under slung so might make the rear line long or short than a over slung

    • People use oem lines on a stretch just by turning the bolt round. But if you don't like that most places will make a custom line a bit longer if you ask.

    • I've emailed hel but thought I'd see what others used

    • If it's Tyga brackets you've bought, do they sell lines?

    • That would be Gavin then

    • Under slung calipers so is this different length to standard

    • This is front set up

    • Underslung on the rear and we can do that front

    • What make are they Gavin and do u do colours. Also the front brake is on a low bar. Would this cause an issue

    • Hel and we do all sorts of colours and no low bar should be fine

    • Hel brake line