• Why do guys in the ruck sale groups price their shit like it s a rare relic...

    Why do guys in the ruck sale groups price their shit like it's a rare relic once owned by king tut? in fact they treat their used, beat up, shit like came from king tuts golden thrown in which his ass sat.. I see parts they are selling that you can get new for half the cost and other parts that china has done a great job of copying and sell for 1/3 the cost. I think some ruck guys elitism has got to there head. BRO ITS STILL A SCOOTER I don't care what brand name it is...

    • Usually because people lowball so it gives you some wiggle room to work with.

    • Yeah ok.. no. There is a "wiggle room price" and there is a "fuck you pay me price."

    • I've been booted from a group for questioning pricing.

    • Well yeah 99.9% of ruck owners are fucking millennial hipsters who can't Handle opposition, diversity and what people think matters to them because they work hard to and spend shit loads of money to be in the "cool kids club" just cause they fit in with a group of guys on scooters doesn't mean that they aren't still loser geeks

    • I'm with you Garza had a ruck and now chuck. All the same shit. Parts are bolt on for one and the other you just tweak a bit and it fits. At the end we big ass motherfuckers on scoots lol

    • Haha exactly!

    • Love the multiple rare aftermarket parts label then you look at the pictures and it's an 8' GET stretch with a gas tank cover.

    • What pisses me off the most is you the only fucker who got the i love you Michael Garza video lmao

    • Das why im in the chuckus group lol. My ruck will be proud to have chuck parts on it lol

    • inb4 catch can joke

    • It's not really the ruck parts from manufacturers or the guys who machine them that bother me..it's the guys who try to resell them used for as much as they paid or more. Because #rare

    • Theres people like that in every group, but now that you mention it i have seen a ton of them recently.

    • I have guys with stock ruckus trying to trade for groms in my grom group

    • Lol who has a stock ruck for more than a week

    • I have a ruckus and I'm sorry to say....this post have me laughing so hard because it's so true. Scooters are scooters....just love what u got and put a lil of ur personality into it and let's ride!!!!

    • Some of the parts in general are ridiculously priced from vendors and ruck guys pay it.

      Ive noticed alot of americans would rather just pay a premium for bolt on parts rather than save a heap of money and have the parts made to order from an every day engineering shop

    • You know as well as I do though the reason why they're able to charge as much as They do is there's not very many guys making these parts. Supply and demand buddy.

    • Yeah thats true, i would have thought there were engineering shops in every town over there.

      Over here its cut throat every other guy is a welder or engineer so manufacturing costs can be low

    • There's literally only 6 machinists who make the hubs. If that.

    • That^^

    • And shop rates here stateside are fucking outlandish.

    • To drill and tap my hub for 4x110 any shop here, even small ones, would take $80 us

    • For something that took my room mate all of 10 minutes

    • Yeah hubs would be costly due to technical set up.

      Im just talking things like brackets gussets ect.

    • Those should be dime a dozen.

    • I mean I could cad gussets and shit like that and I have those cut by the truckload too if I had a ruck to size shit too.

    • Could always made some for the chuck but seams pointless with the amount of guys not modding these days

    • Yeah chuck builds are dying off

    • Ill give you the dimensions for ruckus ones if you want to make a few sets

    • I did, 2 years then it was stolen 3 times

    • Ruckus gussets fit the chuck frames with no problems as far as I know I just don't like the dumbass grenades and brass knuckle bullshit these guys are selling for like 60 bucks

    • Ay. I want some dope gussets

    • Gary Cvny DM me the measurements what's an exceptional thickness? 1/8" or 3/8"?

    • 3/16" is good

    • That's what I was thinking too. Ryan Johnson

    • 3/16" is thick enough to actually provide support, but thin enough it won't detract from the frame. Ask Doug Burkmire what he had his gusset cut from.

    • Ryan Johnson hopefully these clowns know how to weld thick steel to thinner steel without eating up the tube.... only reason I even suggested 1/8" is noob friendly.. and looks like Doug used 3/16 I use the same thickness on my acrylic machines sides

    • 3/16" is barely over 1/8".....just gotta throw the heat onto the gusset more than the tube

    • 3/16 would be my choice as for welding thats none of your concern.

      Ive seen your machines you have an eye for design im sure you can nail gussets.

      Ill send you a dxf file later that i use as a template

    • Michael Garza ill buy a set from you

    • If I do them I'll throw out a few designs and get a preorder going after I get a quote on cutting. The guy I go threw has a high end laser cutter that can do super detailed shit.

    • im building a reverse trike atm and gonna need some gusset when i cut off the stock mount on my frame