Why do yzf riders hate us so much at least we look like 125s and not a pretend...


Why do yzf riders hate us so much at least we look like 125s and not a pretend to be big bike lol

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  • Saw one in the garage last night, t shirt, trainers, revving like billy big bollocks.

  • Lmao so much hate for yzf riders.

  • Its because they don't have a cool club like ours

  • they share a club with wrs and they always bitch lol

  • there is also an r125 owners page

  • Well just by looking at the specs they are way better than groms... Have 6 more bhp, ABS, way bigger actual brakes, 2x the fuel capacity and a 6 spd gearbox..

  • This photo would be shit if it was YZF's

  • I love all bikes.

    If it's got an engine and two wheels, I'm on it.

    The Dueville is the only exception. Lol

  • Ew yzf, hah gaaaaaay

  • I had a cbr125r I loved it but I quickly realised, it's a cbf with more fairings. Wasn't particularly fast but looked like it should've been.

    But my grom is what it is, and the freedom I have on it compared to the cbr is amazing.

  • Not been a decent race rep since the RG125,RS125 etc, these modern ones take themselves too seriously, i feel sorry for todays yoof not knowing the joy of a 2 stroke.

  • Had a KR1s back in the day. Yup, the newer bikes just don't cut the mustard.

    The original Kawa h2... now there's a beast!

  • Had a Kr1s 250 too great bike

  • Rs125 was 40 bhp, still to this day the quickest 0-60 bike ive had.

  • Is that because you could just launch it?

  • Never ridden one

  • Tuning/gearing, and yeh just launch, had FZR1000 at the time and guy that owned the RG blew me away from the lights so i bought it lol

  • Haha can't say fairer then that.

    The real question is though, how times did you rebuild it? Lol

  • He didnt like me

  • Every fucking week lol

  • Was always having work done

  • My little rd125lc i have just sold 21bhp would leave my msx behind. Both great fun though