Why is it my 450 can run on 91 octane with just over 12 1 compression but im...

Why is it my 450 can run on 91 octane with just over 12:1 compression but im told a 350x need race fuel with that compression ratio...new technology vs old?

  • i got a 1mm over 12 to 1 in one of my 350s big difference to

  • what u got a 400ex carb

  • o i thaught u said u were running race fuel

  • me to right now but haven't rode it much yet to see

  • im sure will run cooler if jeted properly my ex used to get hot after awhile and start loosen power

  • they blow bulbs i think if u don't have all headlights tail light pluged in needs them all in system to work right i heard

  • My tail light works when it wants to and I never blow headlight bulbs, I've got an aftermarket regulator that fit right into the stock grommet :-)

  • So perhaps just a little blend of race fuel mix would keep the beast running cooler... my buddy Josh Gettemy is in yhe middle of building his to a 12:1

  • well ill try the 12:1 then, thanks for the tips and info guys! im putting an 83 200x together too & ill try the same if the 350x piston works out good

  • i have to kick my 350x 5 times and it starts & runs for about 5 seconds at a time...i do that like 10 times to build compression up for it to run when cold when it finally get running good...its kinda laggy feeling and when its warm/hot i can sit on the seat and kick it over and start it and the decompression is set right. engines has no noises but i think my compressions low LOL engines never been apart yet. ever