Why is the right side cover so hard to find I ve been scouring ebay for my...


Why is the right side cover so hard to find? I've been scouring ebay for my 1980 XR200 project. Wondering if XL125 or 185 will fit but not seeing anything other than a stupidly pricey one from greece.

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  • Simple economics of supply vs. demand. The harder to find it is, the more expensive it's going to be.

  • I could get measurements from this '82 XL185S if it would help

  • Or from my '84 XL250R?

  • Please.....measurements between the mounting points/holes would be appreciated!

  • Nice bike! I have a frame and swing arm so i can build an 83

  • There are no bolts or screws, just 3 pegs that "snap" into rubber grommet holes.

  • 9" center to center across the top

  • 8.75" center to center down back line

  • About 7" center to center down front line

  • Inner side of panel has metal heat shield.

  • I've had it since '93, love it, but don't get to ride it enough (is there ever enough?)

    Did you notice that fabulous, custom made luggage rack on the back? (My shameless plug for my first real metal working experiment).

  • Racks are tough to find....even thought of making one for my XL/FT500 project but scored one from of all places

  • Thank you sir!

  • Dog got excited when I moved the 84 to get to the 82. She thought we were going for a ride/run. Good luck.

  • They get broken by futile kickers of the proder

  • I found one!!!!! minor repairs needed but it will work for my 1980 XR200 project and it didn't cost a small fortune..... the Smyer bike has everything needed to be rebuilt.