Will a 85 86 250r rear brake disc work for an 85 350x rear brake disc.

Will a 85-86 250r rear brake disc work for an 85 350x rear brake disc?…..What are my options for a rear brake disc for an 85 350x?

  • I want to ride a 85-86 just to compare….27hp stock on a 350x…i read today that the 85-86 250r has 38hp stock!

  • Yeah but if you don't know how to ride any two stroke you will blow that motor up so fast. They are ultra sensitive to 4 strokes. And way expensive.

  • Not sure if thats number is true just seen it online…..Yeah I'm a four stroke fan but id like to compare the two at the dunes….Its hard to beat the torque and power band of the x though i think

  • yea my yz I had I put over $3000 in it.

  • Dang…that sucks….bike looks sweet….Im a three wheeler guy cuz i like the old school factor and they are cheap…usually…. I would love a bike though so i could rip and do more intense jumps ….wife doesnt want that though ha

  • yea I sold it it was just a 125 with a 144 big bore on it but my buddy had a 250r and I would catch it with ease and hold him until he got in 6th then he would gradually leave me.lol.

  • only reason for sale cause all the way through 6 gears it eouldnt stay on the ground and I only weigh 135lbs.so that thing would fly.

  • Yeah i was looking at a ktm 525…guy was selling because it scared him….i would of probably traded my X for that thing

  • yea I traded my 87 cr 500r bored .40 over for my x.