• Will the tank off a suzuki marauder fit a rebel

    Will the tank off a suzuki marauder fit a rebel?

    • You just got to have the right size of hole in the tank to fit the vacuum fuel pump that is fitted in the original tank

    • I'll keep that in mind, came off my rebel a few months back and its got a huge dent in the tank, she still rides but doesnt look as pretty as she should so looking for a cheapish replacement aha

    • You can also just go for a harley sportster tank... looks awesome

    • Now theres an idea, this has just gone up on ebay....

      Do you know what size they are? Ie how much fuel will fit in it?

    • I dont know, im not from the us so i dont know how much "gallons" it is but I think it is about 10 liter

    • The tank mounts on the front dont matter you can make a bracket yourself from the tank to the holes in the frame to mount it

    • Thats okay im uk i have no idea how much a gallon is haha

    • Me neither

    • 3.785 liters = 1 gallon

    • Cheers haha

    • The sportster tank is the easiest one to mount . Can also use a sportster chin spoiler and head light cowl for a dyna makes the rebels look mean

    • I had to remove the cowl off my Sportster when I changed the handlebars. How hard was it to put it on the Rebel?

    • Where did you buy the head light cowl?

    • The cowl is for a dyna Amazon or eBay cheap . I actually welded the chin spoiler bracket in place on the rebel frame and then attached fits really well

    • Todd Ruch looks awesome. Thanks for the info.