With regret I may end up parting with my Forza in the near future with my...

With regret I may end up parting with my Forza in the near future, with my commute now involving M25 I'm afraid my Forza is working way to hard as it is most of the time touching 10.5k RPM. Two up at motorway/dual carriageway speeds it is struggling to get uphill above 55mph. Since passing my test I am now unrestricted to what I can ride and I feel I need something that can cruise at 70mph without shortly running out of puff. So I have been looking at another lot of scooters but now in the sub 600cc lot. I appreciate Honda Silverwing is a great machine but it is a tad dated, now being 15+ years old. Suzuki Burgman 650 executive is not for me as I'm not keen on styling. Yamaha Tmax 530 is a good looking machine but no good for people over 5'8". So without starting to go in to the unreliable Italian market, the only option left for me is a BMW C600 (647cc) Sport or a C650 GT. I'll be test riding a Sport version this Saturday to see what it is like. Mean while your constructive opinions are welcome. Sorry you lot for potentially leaving so soon.

  • T max maybe Buwrgervan nah.. I can't ditch her, Due to get married in the summer!

  • They just refreshed them maxi scooters

  • Sounds amazing, especially with your lady.

    Take care out there.

  • Burgman may has been refreshed cosmetically but wheels still tiny. T max has always been one of my favourite but storage is quite limited and handlebars are to low (sat on one at NEC bike show) resulting in my knees having only about 1.5" clearance.

  • Could try sym 600 great scoot if you join the maxi muppets website you will get all the info you need, syms and kymcos very good scooters these days.

  • Your joking, they are shite, the quality is nowhere near up to the best the Jap's do, nowhere near. As my dealer said, buy it cheap, run it for 3 years then throw it in the bin, or if you are lucky, sell it for nothing....lol

  • It does sound like they will depreciate as quick as Chinese scooters do. I know very little about kymcos however I also know that BMW C series engines manufactured under strict licence by kymco but assembled at Berlin plant by BMW (not a 100% sure that is correct so will need to do a little deeper.

  • Have you tried the big ones and asked those who have them? Join the site above as its the only uk maxi site, blokes been all over europe etc on theres with no problems, only downside is lack of dealers about.

  • I'll have a look Des....

  • Whether you like it or not, Des, they depreciate badly, people on the whole do not want them, or they would hold there value. There are also a lack of dealers because there is not the demand for them new. I have looked at Syms in my local dealer and the quality is just not there compared to the best Jap offerings.

  • they also do not hold value because how often do you think, hmmmm SYM or KYMCO scooter be nice to try.... I certainly will admit. Never.

  • Could pay 10k for a scooter like a bmw which is a kymco underneath or pay 5k for a scoot that may also depreciate more but ya saved 5k at the outset, bmw have the stigma regarding all the problems and recalls plus servicing costs are higher. No matter what maxi you buy they are hard to sell for good money later as its a tiny market, even my tmax sold for what the standards went for 2nd hand and mine had 3.5k worth of mods. Add all that up you see what value they have overall then you realise how much your saving, can buy two sym 600s for the price of a beemer/kymco.

  • I understand what you are saying but I have a budget of £5.5-6k meaning that I will get an early C series BMW scooter with around 6k miles. Also buying used bike from a BMW dealer will give me a 1 year warranty, 1 year full European and UK breakdown cover. Yes they had a recall on these scooters but these should be sorted now and I would be checking if it has been. Apart from Burgman an BMW I do not know of another scooter that has heated seat which I liked as I do get cold easily.

  • by the way, budget includes sale value of my Forza.

  • Your money your choice, cant hurt to get advice from site above though before you jump in, if i had a choice there is no way i would have the first gen beemer but each to their own.

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  • Why not a first gen BMW? Do you know something I don't? I don't want anything from piaggio group either. Had my Vespa gts, not going down that route again. I wish Honda did replace its silverwing with something more modern and larger wheels. 13" rear and 14" front on a wheel base of over 2m looks ridiculously shite. Burgman just got to much going on in its multicoloured switch gear with an oddly hanging box for the heated grips, cosmetically it has been updated but rest is still in 2004 or at least looks like it including wheel sizes. New 530 tmax has same dimension wheels as BMW but as expressed earlier its to low at the handle bars for me. Plus whole keyles ignition thing does worry me a little. I know for sure that if I was to buy BMW with 5-6k miles on the clock and put another 12-15k on it it'll still be worth around £4K when I'm finished with it in two years time. Kymco on the other hand I doubt it. To be honest I don't even know where would my local dealer be? Probably some one who sells a bit of everything from Far East.

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  • Can ask your computer to save it automatically

  • Des, nobody wants mods, anything modified will not add value, it never does, it is a myth that people think it does. What is good to one is not good to another. With mods you are better off keeping the original bits and selling the mods on Ebay. Maybe genuine heated grips and a top box, but at the end of the day, mods my make a bike more saleable to a certain individual but nothing else.

  • Also there is more to a bike than an engine, the whole quality, fit and finish, etc etc. Sorry mate, you pay for what you get, unless the country you are buying from has a really weak currency, but that is it.

  • Paul Briden very true. That's why I still got the original exhaust for my Forza and it looks new. Akra will be coming off and sold separately to a highest bidder/offer.

  • Paul Briden BMW scooter in USA sold for same value as here but in $. Very annoying.

  • Evgenij Lichogrud . It is not quite so painful as it is around $1.22 to the pound, but when it was $1.98 what a knee in the groin. I know what you mean though.

  • Evgenij Lichogrud Sensible man, and of course as your original exhaust looks like new the dealer doing the part ex will salivate.

  • I know about the losses in custom build i have probably lost 8k the last four years or so, never expect to get it back i build them simply because i enjoy it not to make a profit. Still have new parts i removed off the tmax and some have been on ebay for months. I know taste is a personal thing but i never fail to draw a crowd around my builds and thats why i do it, i never have a bland bike i always tune or customise knowing that i will ultimately lose money. Been out of work 3 years now so i build nice custom bicycles now and restore vintage ones for pocket money. Getting a big cheque soon though so can get another scoot or bike but the magics gone so unsure i will buy another.

  • Paul Briden I've been advised to sell it privately. As apparently it's px value is £2.5k

  • Evgenij Lichogrud I would too, great demand for it.

  • So have the bmw maxi scooters

    The 600 sport is now 650 sport

  • Or simply option build a trike with a car engine v12 that sounds and you have room for two passengers and luggage.

  • Stuart Hiam now we are playing silly!

  • I just found my dream bike... Search for yours via Auto Trader #DrivenByMe

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    How very annoying, drove to see the bike, was about to put down a deposit and someone else turned up at the door offering more than asking price. What can I say. Bloke gave me petrol money and off I was. I wasn't going to pay more than asking price as it was last serviced nearly two years ago (stored in the garage) and will need an MOT at the end of March which is an extra expense. Four bikes in the row I was going for and all sold minutes before I got a chance to open my wallet. I feel it is so unfair. Now there isn't anything left on the market that would interest me for time being. Will have to wait till something does come along. Might try to sell Forza in the mean time.

  • You are making the right move by chosing BMW