Wonder where I ll end up today

Wonder where I'll end up today

  • Only got round the corner it's raining

  • Come to Wales, the sun is shining.. :-)

  • What part of wales I'm gonna go out today like

  • Callum Hornby Mid Wales, the best part... :-)

  • I'm looking on going to bed gellert

  • Very nice, North Wales will be stunning today, nice quiet roads as well.

  • Send me postcode

  • I live SY209DJ, not got a Grom yet but been offered a great deal by Hunts, if you're passing i'll put the kettle on. :-)

  • Cool mate I'll let you know soon

  • I'll come up soon pm me pal

  • Too far that' bud message me when you buy msx and I'll happily drive up

  • Great looking seat! What kind is it? And where did you order it from?

  • Got it this page mate

  • Sorry... Which page?

  • Ken Wong this one