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  • What you pay for the pair

  • £67 delivered :)

  • Ty

  • Just got mine aswell

    Went for Michelin power pures but went for bigger tyres as I've got new rims I've gone for 140 rear and 130 front hopefully get it all fitted this week

  • Cheaper than that at MandP - think its about £54 delivered

  • Thinking about getting these from mandp. Vee rubber says

    120/70-12 51L

    130/70-12 56L

    All I can find on the site is 51p and 56p

    Does that make any difference?

    Apologies for this stupid question but just like to know if anyone can help. Thanks

  • Well all I did was buy 120 front and 130 rear and they have been on one of my bikes for way over a year no issues.

    Just got some wide wheels and went for 140 rear and 130 front power pures can't fault them at all

  • Where from bud!?