Worth dropping a tooth on the front sprocket


Worth dropping a tooth on the front sprocket?

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  • You loose a lot of top end and your gearing is shorter but you accelerate quicker, depends what you want to do

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  • Thanks guys

  • i did it and was so fun for round town haha but when out with bigger bikes and long trip was awful!

  • As above! Fun in town but most box my riding is on open roads so it's revving really hard at a true 60mph

  • Can appreciate that Dean.

    I'm stuck in the middle of the city and accel is more of an issue for me than top end.

    But really want a Ninja 900 next year, then I'll go the opposite way.

    Groms' are never gonna be speed machines, just a hell of a lot of fun

  • makes it too revy at speed though

  • Very true, but as already stated. It depends if you are looking for acceleration or top speed.

    And to be honest if you're looking for top end, the Grom is not the bike.

  • correct