Would a fuel tank from a 83 V65 magna fit on a 83 V45 magna


Would a fuel tank from a 83 V65 magna, fit on a 83 V45 magna

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  • The first gen tanks for each of the bikes are all interchangeable with the same model regardless of year, just not between the different engine sizes.

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  • I believe there is an issue with v45 interceptor tanks being different due to the change from gravity feed to a pump. Is there any such issue with magnas/sabres?

  • I believe the magnas were all pumped

  • I have an 82 and 83 v45 mag the only difference I found is the fuel lines going to the carburetor from the pump everything else is the same

  • Thanks tweak. Now that I'm awake, I believe it had something specifically to do with that petcock and dumping fuel on gravity fed models when using a tank from a field pump model on a gravity fed model. Does that make sense?

  • I just swapped a '82 with a '83 engine on my '82 Magna. (2nd gear left ME in the trans) RUNS over 100MPH NOW!!!

  • My 82 when i got her never NEVER had 2nd gear. And that's how I learned how to ride rev high double click in to 3rd and go lol

  • I did that for alil while , but forgot at times!

  • I did the same lol