Would it be bad to take the black plastic shell off of the engine. Looks tacky


Would it be bad to take the black plastic shell off of the engine? Looks tacky.

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  • I rode my chuckus with the shrouds and my brother didn't have his engine shrouds on his, I made it 25 miles before mine started bogging out from over heating. My brother made it 20 miles and struggled the last 5 to keep up with me.

  • Take it off and paint it.

  • Zoom in I have a drow cover on mine

  • If u ran the motor with no shrouds would that cuase the motor to lock up

  • Ok. Thx

  • how tight was that fit with the yoshi? I was thinking about getting a drow cover but wasnt sure it would fit.

  • Not sure if you can tell. I have the yoshi from the ruck shop it's close but no issues

  • My 50 cc I took off and it runs fine for hours

  • Until your motor locks up from over heating. I bet you take the top end of your motor apart and valves have burn spots and your piston is a dark brown... lol

  • Run a cht guage and report back to us

  • If you set your afr correct i think youd be okay. Grom/z125 and a whole collective of other bikes are air cooled.

    Imo taking the extra cooling off is kinda dumb but i dont think youll lock up the motor

    You can always install a thermal cut off switch

  • I've done a 25 mile ride with 2 bikes, same motor same year same brand. 1 with shrouds 1 without. I made it 25 miles before mine over heated and bogged out. The other bike made it 20 miles. About as much proof as you need there...