would like more spead folks. shes doing 64mph. im 9 half stone in wait

would like more spead folks..shes doing 64mph.im 9 half stone in wait.got a exhaust off a honda cr 80..can i mod that to bike plus rebore to a 185cc..


  • No on the exhaust as its a two stroke system you have and the grom is four stroke, as for the rebore there are loads of kits available

  • can u put up sites..cole had it now 2 years so time to mod it...its so solw now..

  • I think there is a few lads on here that sell big bore kits but I can't remember who off the top of my head, I know there is a shop on eBay that stocks a lot and is run by a lad on here, I'm looking into it for next year too

  • like bud..just looked at ur bike a red one..did u cut down ur exaust urself..

  • Ben Harman

  • Mine is actually black bud, but the yoshimura graphics are mainly red so looks kinda red, yeah cut it down with a grinder mate, just a bit more noise rather than any performance gains