Would this work to keep the MSX up I have to take the foot mount bracket...

Would this work to keep the MSX up? I have to take the foot mount bracket things off to get powder coated soon and obviously need to prop the bike up, but I can’t remember how much room under the Grom there is to work with, and I need to keep everything aligned when taking the bolt out.

  • Simpler way is to remove your back wheel. Undo the nut on the swing arm pivot axle and the 12mm nut and remove the foot rest. Now use your wheel axle to tap out the swing arm pivot (they're the same) Now remove other foot rest. Then re fit in opposite way.

  • I’m also looking for something to replace my current rear paddock stand, as i’d like to get both wheels off the floor when cleaning it all, so was hoping to get something center instead of a front and rear stand.

  • You could do what Stephan has said or u could buy that and and just remove your header pipe and job done it would work ?

  • Abba stand. Expensive but it's the best kit for getting both wheels up off the ground.

  • Fits most bikes too and useful for the time you have a bike. Can get them for around £50 off ebay

  • That's a banging price !!

  • I got mine for £40. Bloke only lived around corner from me

  • So that one in the first post wont work at all… due to the pipe? even if I dont have the stand FULLY under, and have it under the engine but then have it stop at the pipe so the pipe sits along side it, if that makes sense… as the pipe obv doesnt go directly under the bike

  • That's even better then buddy !!

  • Where does that even connect? seen those photos on a forum before and google images but too small to see.

  • It connects to swingarm pivot normally but u can get swingarm removal fittings that screw in to where the foot rest goes. Thinking about it not ideal for the job u are doing but u only need a paddock stand to remove the foot rests.

  • I have a rear paddock stand.. never done it before so I dont want to fuck anything up as i’m not 100% sure how it all goes together as I haven’t checked it properly yet… but might look into a ABBA stand as I really want something easy to store and a center one as I want to get both wheels up when cleaning etc.

  • I got my rear stand at Harbor Freight and stand stopper chain adjuster plates from Yoshimura.