Would you guys say it s running lean or not


Would you guys say it's running lean or not ?

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  • Yes

  • Talk to a Honda mechanic yesterday and he said as long as it starts easy and runs strong on the highway with out any surging don't monkey with it.He said you can change the jetting but is amost impossible to get rid of all the popping with straight pipes even with changing the jetting.............

  • Put a thumb screw or eyebolt in the pipe

  • Looks perfect. Light greayish brown

  • Nope it's actually running a tad rich but nothing to worry about. Switch to iridium

  • Looks pretty good, but you could turn your adjuster screws out 1/4 turn to be safer!

  • It is injected so no adjusting that I can find which sucks as I wanted to fit KnN filter but can't afford power commander to tune it

  • Did you put the baffle bolts back in after removing baffles? An open hole in exhaust draws a fresh charge of air and ignites unburn'd fuel inside the pipes...and it will "pop" now and again. Back in the 50's,they used to drill small holes in the exhaust manifolds to purposely cause that popping sound when you back off the throttle. My Shadow "pops" sometimes and I like it !

  • No I did the holesaw mod on the standard pipes

  • Looks good, slightly rich, I wouldnt touch it.