Wrapped up the video of the hold saw mod part 2 You guys are going to like...

Wrapped up the video of the hold saw mod part 2. You guys are going to like what I've come up with to make these bikes sound great.. With step by step how to.

  • Is That all the baffle was though? Or was there more to it?

  • No a baffle is a baffle not just a piece of straight pipe. Below are all the baffles in the pipe. We are only removing the ones at the very end. the two pipes with the bulge you see here. Think mini muffler inside your pipe

  • because we only remove the end one we can change the sound and not really the airflow so we're not looking at a rejet

  • Are you in a cave? I see fossils and what look like cave drawings :)

  • I swiped that picture from some Google search. This guy gutted the whole pipe.

  • Sounds Like it still has the same sound (that ... snappy, Sharp sound.) Which I Like and don't wanna lose but has more bass now too?

  • That's a good way to describe it. Hard to record sounds like exhaust notes but it is a whole lot better.. be prepared to do it this way in the video.. that smile I had was because of how good it sounded.. and the stationary start up was with choke

  • Why do you flange the and of your pipe?

  • Lol it's fire questions at lance day! Was that piece at the end of the pipe one step up adapter? Or two?

  • It's a one step up adaptor. I felt like putting a flange at the end of the straight pipe was a good idea to get a better seal when I wasn't planning on welding it.. then I was welding something else and just finished the job with the pipe. It makes it not fall through the adaptor pipe basically so the long pipe slides into the step up and locks. My logic states that the larger pipe will catch most of the exhaust behind the patch stuff thus taking some of the pressure stress.