WTB does anybody out there have any stick coils for sale I could do with a bit...


WTB, does anybody out there have any stick coils for sale? I could do with a bit more HP.

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  • Nobody has ever proved it gives more hp.

    Dyno before and after and print the charts.

    Otherwise, only worth doing if your coils are playing up or you are willing to pay for saving a few grams.

  • yes that is right Tony, I was asking on behalf of a mate, he had an obvious HT problem, his exhaust was making my eyes water last Sunday as he limped home, in his case I would expect more than 2 HP just to fix his HT leads let alone fit better/different coils, so do you have any for sale Tony? or are you just a troll?

  • I have a lot of parts to sell, check out tony.mon posts on www.vtr1000.org.vtr1000.

    But I sold the last of my stick coil conversions in January, I have no more left to convert at present.

    But keep an eye on the Forum for sale section.

  • I usually get mine from the usa, a lot cheaper

  • If it's running that rich you need to get it on a dyno and check fuelling.

    Why did you think it was an ignition problem?

  • it was popping and farting, misfires.

  • That sounds more like a lean problem Laurie.

  • Pull both spark plugs out and check colour and condition.

  • Around 10K will sort your BHP issues :)