Does anyone have kick-start mechanism parts for xl185 (possibly same as xl125 5 speed)

    I need these urgently!

    I've had enough of mine slipping! It bloody hurts!

    Or does anyone know the part numbers so I can order them?


    • S or rc

    • It's an S, the old twin shock

    • 1 of mine is the same. Thankfully i have the bits..

    • Niall ebay item no coming

    • 331771039315

    • Thats what ya need

    • Thanks Paul, it's killing my foot when it slips and it's only going to get worse :-(

    • a decompressor?

    • It kicks over okay, the problem is the mechanism must have stripped teeth as when I kick it over it slips. It's really annoying!

    • From the photo can you tell if it will not slip?

    • Yeah mine is really bad. I dropped the engine and switched it due to it.. was a pain in the arse.. will take a look again. See if i can see the wear for ya

    • Looks to be tidy

    • Superb. Massive thanks Paul. My foot is saved lol

    • Got rc model don't no if it's the same

    • Out of curiosity, would a CG mechanism also fit or does it use a different bottom end?

    • No cg would be different i believe