WTT rota grids 4x100 15x8 0 offset


WTT rota grids 4x100 15x8 +0 offset

15x7 or 15x8 only and has to have tires

2 brand new toyo proxes

Other 2 are bad tires

%d comments
  • 15x8+25

  • Mugen reps

  • No thanks

  • No thanjs

  • U keep ur tires

  • I have gsr blades

  • How much for your rims

  • Pass

  • Pass

  • Pass

  • Anyone looking to trade or 400 firm plus stocks, info / 195-45-15 , toyo proxies only seen the road 5 times lmk,

    im looking for 16s

  • One of my buddies sold his for 400 with new tires only

  • How muchyou willing to seel your grids?

  • Different brands I can slap 100$ Chinese tires and u want them for 400 firm but thx

  • Polished slips

  • Trade

  • Shit man I would but it's going on my Miata thanks for the offer need something alittle more flashy

  • These?

  • Really looking for 16s bro but got pix

  • Brand new tires

  • Size r those

  • 18x7.5

  • 16x7.5

  • I'm good g the slipstreams r better to me

  • So trade slips haha

  • Lol size spec

  • 15x7

  • +30i thing

  • Any rashes or anything?

  • Guiller me or jess

  • Not ding scratched or dents

  • Guillermo Avena pm me

  • Nfs only trade