XL125 motor

I bought this before Xmas to take the gearbox out to use in my XL185. What I didn't realise is the early motors only had a 5 speed box DOH!!

No idea what it's like, just need the space and get a bit of dosh back. Any reasonable offer considered, collection only.

  • XL 185 , they are 5 speed aren't they ?

  • Yes, I wanted to make it a six speed for Long Distance Trials

  • 6 speed they're like Jens teeth

  • Hens teeth

  • Michael I managed to buy a complete box from ebay, just got to fit it

  • What's it from

  • This motor's from an early XL125 - points ignition etc.

  • What I asked was what was the 6 speed gears from ?

  • A late XL125

  • That's strange my Haynes manual lists XL125s as 5speed

    I have two late xls they are both 5,speed

  • Michael, Look at pages 57 and 58, I've defiantly got a six speed cluster to go in

  • xl125e is a 5 speed, xl125s/r is a 6 speed, you bought a wrong engine

  • Engine is stamped L 125 SE - is this 5 or 6 speed ?

  • Both are 5 speed and 6 speed, L125SE Brazil Assembly is 5 speed, L125SE Japan Assembly is 6 Speed

  • How do you check which

  • I just search it, 5 speed XL are more advanced because they had a 12volts system but only 5 speed but still the topspeed is 115

  • Are there no distinguishing marks ?

  • Maybe serial numbers ?

  • just add and pm me on fb

  • John Earl A. Dosayla I know I bought the wrong engine, that's why I've put it up for sale!!

  • nope, dont sell it, contact point engine is more powerful than a CDI engine