Y all would be proud of me I had a chance to get a Harley from a good friend of...


Y'all would be proud of me, I had a chance to get a Harley from a good friend of the family, and i turned it down to stay with the Honda Shadow, and did so with no regrets at all

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  • Should have took it no reason to discriminate

  • nothing against Harleys, just love the fit of my bike from the first time i sat on her

  • Id take the harley ifit was bigger my bike is a lil small

  • If ur over 6' every bike seems small or short in the legs.u just need a set of scootmods extensions.makes a world of difference.

  • Even the foot pegs and controls seem in the wrong place for me

  • Thats what your talking about aint it

  • Yeah

  • Where do you get those

  • Scootmods.com before I put them on I felt cramped but after its np to ride 200 miles w/o a cramp.my wide glide had to have forward controls also for me to feel comfortable

  • Ill look them up

  • Scootmods have caught on to how good their product is.I think they have bout doubled the price since I bought them,which was $80 and free shipping,but best mod ever for comfort in my opinion

  • 140 now but that still isnt bad is it hard to install

  • No actually pretty easy , less than a hour from start to finish

  • It gives u a longer one piece break rod and u just add a extension for the shift rod. Pretty basic

  • So it includes everything you need

  • Yes everything and their prompt on getting them to u

  • my bike fits like a glove, i am 6'2 and 260#, but i got fred flinstone legs,lol so my controls are just about perfect, and the bars are great, but may be going to mini apes just to dial it in 100% for my arms

  • dont get me wrong...if i had the spare cash laying around i would buy the harley so that i could flip it...they are still really great investments after all

  • I think im going to get the foot control extensions and maybe put some 10 inch ape hangers on any suggestions for the hangers

  • if you have the shadow spirit risers, the tall ones...you could go 10's with stock cables i found out...but if you got some of the shorty risers you could go 12's maybe even 14's