Yeah. Axle and hubs definitely stripped out


Yeah. Axle and hubs definitely stripped out

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  • That happens due to not checking hubs ever or doing maintenance.. Once the get slack their gone

  • Loose nut probs take a 250 recon hub beat it on with sledgehammer out but on and weld the hub to shaft never touch it again

  • Because u have tires to heavy for that bike to pull

  • History 101: The trx300 had the same problem on the 88-92 models, in 93 they made the spline area longer which helped a lot with the hubs loosening up problem. The 420 uses the same hubs as the 88-92 300 so that should say something. I have welded countless 300 hubs to the axle with no problems. When you do have to fix anything that requires removal you just cut it off, no big thing since it was shot to start with.

  • I've done that before on my 09 rancher 420 yours looks pretty bad probably will have to buy a new axle and hub

  • I am buying a new axle and hub, and I'll probably balance them and make sure they are on tight, and then I'll weld them as a backup.

  • Don't weld unless things are bad. Just keep an eye on it and keep them tight and greased, you will have no problems. If you notice looking at yours you can see the "line" between the hub and axle on the backside. That is a loose hub and just shaking the wheel will let you know. I Just bought an 08 ES with over 15,000 miles on it and it's still running the original drivelines, everything. My 07 with who knows how many miles and a ton of abuse has had 1 axle in the rear replaced and it wasn't because of the hubs.

  • Ahh. I know what your talking about, how my hubs tight too the axle, but how it will lean in and out. And there's a gap so big I can fit 2 quarters in, inbetween the axle and hub.

  • Yep. yours went a little too far.. Get it fixed and you know what to look out for now, you should have no problems.

  • I had 31s. Never broke a thing