You all wish your oil looked this good

You all wish your oil looked this good.

  • We shall see shortly

  • Fucking hell, its like McDonald's kitchen

  • That doesn't look at all good.

    Hope it's all been caught by the filters.

  • Hey Jack sheeeeeeee's fucked

  • Here's the plug

  • What ya think?

  • That's not as bad as I thought best get the clutch case off next

  • I reckon big end bearing self distracted and damaged piston and barrel

  • Lucky I've got new ones then ;)

  • Come on you got it apart yet lol

  • That will only be a small %age of the metal that's in the engine. When you spilt the cases you'll need to clean an enormous amount of powered metal out from all the crooks and nannies.... I mean nooks and crannies! Check all the gear box bearings too, as the metal may have damaged them.

  • Agrees wonder weather a bit of that metal blocked the oil pump or oil way which caused it to seize..... I say wonder I'm sure that's wats happened